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                Westinghouse News

                MAY 05, 2021

                2021 Mother's Day Gift Guide

                Treat your Mom to an “at home spa day” this Mother’s Day with Westinghouse.

                APR 01, 2021

                Westinghouse Exhibits at AWE

                Westinghouse attends AWE in Shanghai, with an impressive booth and wide-range product displays.

                FEB 09, 2021

                Westinghouse Releases New Personal Care Line

                Westinghouse recently launched a new line of personal care products in the US.

                FEB 05, 2021

                Westinghouse Introduces New Portable Lighting Products

                Westinghouse recently launched a new line of string lights, flashlights, and LED night lights.

                JAN 21, 2021

                Westinghouse Homeware Launches Retro Small Kitchen Appliances

                Westinghouse recently launched a new line of retro styled blenders, toasters, and kettles in North...

                JAN 04, 2021

                Holiday Wishes Sweepstakes

                We're excited to announce the winners of the Holiday Wishes Sweepstakes!

                DEC 02, 2020

                Westinghouse Introduces Heated Blanket Line

                Westinghouse recently launched a new line of weighted blankets, heated mattress pads and heating blankets...

                DEC 01, 2020

                Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment Releases New Portable Power Station Line

                Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment Releases New Portable Power Stations

                NOV 09, 2020

                Westinghouse Introduces Air Purifier Line

                Westinghouse recently launched a new line of Air Purification Systems in Canada and the US.

                OCT 01, 2020

                Westinghouse Partners with DABL on its 1st Anniversary Giveaway

                Westinghouse sponsored the 1st Anniversary celebration giveaway and media campaign from DABL, CBS Interactive’s new...

                SEP 10, 2020

                Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment featured on Military Makeover

                Portable Power for Our Veteran

                SEP 03, 2020

                Annual CBS Sports Fantasy Football Draft-A-Thon

                Westinghouse teamed up with CBS Sports for the annual Fantasy Football Draft-A-Thon auction, for a...

                SEP 01, 2020

                Westinghouse Introduces Mini-Split Heat Pump Line

                Westinghouse recently launched a new line of Mini-Split HVAC Systems in Canada and the US.

                APR 17, 2020

                Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment Releases Its First Line of Electric Pressure Washers

                We are pleased to announce that the ePX3000 has launched for the 2020 spring season.

                FEB 12, 2020

                Westinghouse Donates to Covid-19 Relief Efforts

                In response to this severe situation, Westinghouse donated products to hospitals in outbreak-affected areas that...

                JAN 11, 2020

                Westinghouse Exhibits at CES

                Westinghouse attended CES 2020 in Las Vegas, January 7-10, 2020.

                DEC 31, 2019

                President's Lecture: War of the Currents

                Heinz History Center President and CEO, Andy Masich, held an illuminating conversation with the filmmakers...

                OCT 21, 2019

                The Current War Movie Premiere Recap

                The?Current War premiered in New York City on October 21 at the AMC Theaters located...

                OCT 16, 2019

                The Current War Movie Launching In Theaters

                Westinghouse Electrifies the World

                OCT 13, 2019

                Westinghouse Sponsors Annual CAST Global Innovation Summit

                Westinghouse welcomed entrepreneurial and tech minds alike to Pittsburgh.

                SEP 12, 2019

                Westinghouse Homeware Introduces Small Appliance Line to Europe at IFA

                Westinghouse Homeware went retro at IFA in Hall 9/217.

                JUN 11, 2019

                Introducing New Line of Roku TVs!

                Westinghouse Electronics recently announced its new line of 4K Ultra High Definition and High Definition...

                MAY 28, 2019

                Westinghouse Lighting Attends Light Fair 2019

                Westinghouse Lighting exhibited at LIGHTFAIR 2019 held recently in Philadelphia.?

                MAY 10, 2019

                Westinghouse Attends NHS 2019

                The National Hardware Show, NHS, was a success! The show was held in the Las...

                APR 23, 2019

                Westinghouse Attends the Hong Kong Houseware Show

                Westinghouse showcased a variety of small kitchen appliances and cookware products.?

                MAR 06, 2019

                International Home + Housewares Show ?2019 Recap

                The International Home + Housewares Show 2019, IH+HS, was a success!

                FEB 22, 2019

                International Builders' Show 2019

                Westinghouse can truly demonstrate its wide-ranging product offerings. That's exactly what we did at our...

                JAN 15, 2019

                Westinghouse Makes a Splash at CES

                Kicking off 2019 at CES with new product launches

                NOV 08, 2018

                Westinghouse Sponsors Stars and Strings 2018

                Where the best of country music lines up to honor our veterans

                OCT 22, 2018

                Westinghouse Sponsors the 2018 We Can Survive Benefit Concert

                In support of breast cancer awareness month

                SEP 25, 2018

                Westinghouse Launches Impressive Media Campaign

                Be Sure Your Boundaries Are Undefined with Westinghouse

                MAY 25, 2018

                Westinghouse Set To Release Its First Open Frame Inverter Generator

                The iPro4200 is being launched next week, the first open frame inverter generator by Westinghouse.

                MAY 15, 2018

                2018 National Hardware Show Recap

                Read more about the Westinghouse Brand growing presence at the National Hardware Show.

                APR 06, 2018

                Appliance & Electronics World Expo 2018

                Westinghouse AWE in Shanghai, China with a stunning booth and wide-ranging product displays.

                FEB 15, 2018

                Westinghouse Attends the 2018 International Home + Housewares Show

                Westinghouse showcased new product launches at the International Home + Housewares Show (IHHS) 2018.

                FEB 09, 2018

                Consumer Electronics Show 2018 Recap

                Westinghouse Kicks Off 2018 with New Product Launches

                JAN 19, 2018

                Westinghouse at The NAHB International Builders' Show 2018

                Displaying astounding exhibits at IBS

                JAN 09, 2018

                Westinghouse Releases Two New Generators

                The iGen4500 and the WGen6000

                OCT 23, 2017

                We Can Survive: Powered by Westinghouse

                Westinghouse joined CBS Radio in presenting the fifth annual We Can Survive concert.

                SEP 22, 2017

                We Can Survive 2017, Powered by Westinghouse

                Westinghouse a proud sponsor of We Can Survive 2017.

                SEP 06, 2017

                The Westinghouse ‘Innovate Your Space’ sweepstake is now live.

                Catherine Lowe innovates her space with Westinghouse – and now you can too!

                MAR 23, 2017

                Win a NEW Westinghouse Smart 4K Ultra HDTV - Amazon Fire TV Edition TV.

                Westinghouse teamed up with Ryan Arcidiacono to give away five Westinghouse Smart 4K Ultra HDTVs.

                JAN 30, 2017

                Westinghouse and Amazon: A Newsworthy Combination

                When Westinghouse becomes the talk of the show, we know we are doing something right.

                JAN 26, 2017

                Westinghouse Attends The NAHB International Builders' Show 2017

                One of the largest trade shows in the United States - with over 80,000 attendees.

                OCT 01, 2016

                Celebrating George Westinghouse's Birthday

                George Westinghouse's birthday is on October 6th, and we are hosting a global birthday party!!