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                Westinghouse News

                Westinghouse Exhibits at AWE

                APR 01, 2021
                Westinghouse booth at AWE 2021 trade show entrance. ? ? ?Shanghai, China ?The Appliance & Electronics World Expo, AWE, took place in Shanghai’s National Exhibition and Convention Center from March 23-25.

                ? ? ?With AWEs focus traditionally on the household appliance industry, Westinghouse displayed an eye catching booth space that included an array of product. The diverse breadth of offerings included air quality devices, home security, personal care, small kitchen appliances, bath and kitchen appliances, water heating and filtration, plus more.?

                ? ? ?Recognition for product launch announcements in China were all the rage for Westinghouse at AWE this year. Our new ovens won the 2021 AWE Best Product Award during the exhibition. Westinghouse water dispensers and air purifiers also both won awards for the “Most Popular” new products category.

                Westinghouse massage chair on display at AWE 2021 in Shanghai, China. ? ?2021 AWE Award goes to the Westinghouse oven. Shown in kitchen setting.

                For additional information about AWE 2021, click?here.?

                About Westinghouse Electric Corporation

                Founded more than 130 years ago, Westinghouse Electric Corporation remains a trusted name globally in consumer, commercial and industrial products. Built on a heritage of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, Westinghouse state-of-the-art products were the first to supply the United States with electricity, transmit the first commercial radio broadcast, and capture man’s first steps on the moon.?