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                Find Westinghouse Products Worldwide

                For product in the North America region, visit westinghouse.com.


                With advanced technology and a wide range of capacities, VRF systems are a smart solution for higher efficiency, individualized control and installation flexibility.
                VISIT SITE HVAC


                Our SMART TVs provide a simple, connected experience with builtin apps for easy access to internet sites so that you can play your favorite entertainment and media.
                VISIT SITE TV

                Audio Visual

                Westinghouse offers a wide range of AV products including cables, projector screens, TV wall brackets and accessories.
                VISIT SITE Audio Visual Equipment

                Major Appliances

                Your kitchen appliance needs are covered with the Westinghouse complete line of cooktops, dishwashers, fridges, ovens, and rangehoods.
                VISIT SITE

                Small Appliances

                Offering a range of specialty kitchen appliances including products like electric fry pans, hot water dispensers, rice cookers, slow cookers, and vacuum sealers.
                VISIT SITE 3 Pot Slow Cooker

                Home Appliances
                Asia Pacific

                Westinghouse has all of your home needs covered with our product lines of cookware, vacuum cleaners, and a range of small kitchen appliances.
                VISIT SITE

                Consumer Products

                Learn about our expansive product categories in China: home security, kitchen appliances, personal care, water and air purification and much more.
                VISIT SITE

                Power Products

                Commercial products are available in China. Circuit breakers and switchgears are offered in both medium and low voltage systems.
                VISIT SITE

                Power Products
                Middle East

                Industrial products are also available in Africa and Middle Eastern region, including circuit breakers and switchgears offered in both medium and low voltage systems.
                VISIT SITE


                As a market leader in the ceiling fan sector, Westinghouse models operate efficiently while also providing lighting solutions to fit with any decor.
                VISIT SITE Ceiling Fan

                Small Appliances

                Carrying a wide range of small kitchen appliances including air fryers, coffee makers, juice mixers, kettles, and toasters.
                VISIT SITE Westinghouse Small Appliances India Juice Mixer

                Latin America

                Choose Westinghouse for all of your consumer electronics like Android Tablets, Bluetooth enabled audio speakers and Smart HD TVs.
                VISIT SITE

                Latin America

                With design in mind, we have a diverse breath of lighting products: both indoor and outdoor light fixtures, ceiling fans, and light bulbs.
                VISIT SITE Westinghouse Lighting Latin America

                Power Tools
                Latin America

                We carry a complete line of home equipment products in six categories: BBQs, chainsaws and trimmers, power tools, vacuum cleaners, water heaters and water pumps.
                VISIT SITE Westinghouse Home Equipment Latin America

                Small Appliances
                Latin America

                Offering a variety of small kitchen appliances like coffee makers, deep fryers, electric cooktops, steamers, toasters and more.
                VISIT SITE Kettle